Huge Craze Over King Cake Ale


We hope everyone has had their fair share of king cake as the Mardi Gras holiday is now coming to an end.

When we say king cake, we mean the king cake ale at Chandeleur Brewing Company in Gulfport. For the first time, the brewery created their very own king cake ale that’s been a huge crowd favorite during the carnival season.

Drew Polland, a brewer at the company, tells News 25 it’s been such a big hit. They only planned on making three kegs of the sweet treat and ended up making ten because of the high demand of the sweet beer. “It is king cake. It’s cinnamon. It’s pretty sweet. What we’ve learned is we’ve done a couple different batches and different kinds so the king cake does pretty much dictate the overall flavor,” said Pollard.

With their first year being such a huge success, they plan on making the popular king cake ale for the years to come during carnival season.

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Huge craze over King Cake Ale
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