LaVar Ball's Threat Has Talking Heads Saying The Lakers Might Trade Lonzo


LaVar Ball is at it again, and his latest headline-grabbing comments might be his most outlandish yet. Ball, who is in Lithuania with his two sons, told a reporter that Lonzo Ball will refuse to re-sign with the Lakers - or join any other NBA franchise - if they refuse to sign LiAngelo and LaMelo as well.

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Via LonzoWire:

"I want to let every NBA team know that Lonzo is not going to re-sign with the Lakers, but will go to any team that will take all three of my boys. That's my plan."

Ball's plan is ridiculous, of course, and even if you ignore the fact that the youngest Ball brothers might not be NBA material, LaVar didn't seem to understand that Lonzo will still be under contract with the Lakers when LaMelo Ball will be eligible to sign with an NBA team.

Regardless, the latest Ball controversy has national NBA commentators suggesting that Lonzo's days in Los Angeles could be numbered.

Stephen A. Smith: "I'm going to bring up a point that needs to be made. If I'm the Los Angeles Lakers, I'm thinking about moving Lonzo Ball.

Not this season, of course, but if this young man don't learn to step up and handle his business and do whatever he can to distance himself from his daddy's comments publicly, I'm going to have to sit up there and think about getting him the hell up out of Los Angeles, California. This is ridiculous."

Jason Whitlock: "LaVar Ball is a hot mess, and he may create such a mess that it's hard to recruit free agents here, and the Lakers may have to consider moving on."

Colin Cowherd: "I think it was the first time, this morning, when Magic wakes up and looks at that and thinks 'we have to at least sit down and have discussions about moving on.'"

Chris Broussard: "Now Magic, I think for the first time since they drafted him, really has the leverage to go to LaVar and say 'look, if you make one more comment about the Lakers, we are trading Lonzo. Period.' And if he does it? You ship him out."

The Lakers are


going to trade Lonzo Ball, of course. While LaVar may be a nuisance, he's not nearly as much of an influence on the day-to-day lives of Lakers players, coaches and executives as these shows would like you to believe, simply because these types of shows thrive on the perception that LaVar Ball is a big deal worth altering the future of a franchise over.

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