LaVar Ball Threatening That Lonzo Ball Could Leave The Lakers


LaVar Ball has become a thorn in the Los Angeles Laker’s side, and now he’s trying to push the tip deeper into the team’s management.

Donatas Urbonas was gracious enough to share the elder Ball’s sentiment on what he thinks the NBA should do with his three boys. He want’s his other two sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, to play with Lonzo on the same team, preferably (we think) with the Lakers.

If not? Lonzo is gonzo.

Welcome to the wacky world of the Ball family, a world that is turning into a nightmare for Magic Johnson and the rest of the Lakers management.

LaVar Ball on his big plan how he's going to bring Lonzo, Melo and Gelo to one NBA team: “Lonzo will be on his 3rd year and I want let every NBA team know, that Lonzo is not going to resign with the Lakers, but will go to any team, that will take all of my three boys.”

— Donatas Urbonas (@Urbodo) February 12, 2018

Let’s be honest here, Lonzo is not really living up to expectations, and his father’s clashes with management are not making his rookie season any easier. You have to imagine that the Lakers front office is beginning to get frustrated with this running sideshow, so the question now is do the Lakers even care if he walks?

There is no way that the team is going to draft both of LaVar’s sons, and even he has to know this. The Lakers are in the business of fielding a team that will return them to glory, and part of achieving that goal is drafting the best available player, not reuniting families just for someone else’s entertainment.

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If LaVar thinks that is the case, then maybe Lonzo should take his ball and $600 hat somewhere else, because it is becoming quite clear that the Ball family and the Lakers are a match made in hell.

Though he won’t publicly admit it, Magic has to be frustrated with the antics of Lonzo’s father, and this will dictate whether Ball is part of the Lakers family going forward or not.

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