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Kingdom Come Deliverance is incredibly fun once you mod away the game-breakingly awful features. Those features include needing to drink expensive "saviour schnapps" to save, which can be edited out and made into a normal save system with THIS SAVE SYSTEM MOD, and a lock picking system that is stupidly difficult and is somewhat helped by THIS LOCK PICKING MOD.

Note that those two aspects of the vanilla game are so annoying that both of those mods were released within a week of the game coming out, within 24 hours of the game's release in the case of the save system mod.

Once you have those in place you're in for a unique treat. Kingdom Come Deliverance is incredibly fun due to the unique (and HEMA accurate!) fighting system, as well as the common sense survival features. You have to eat, sleep, and take time to heal, which are all things about normal "survival" style games that I normally think is tedious, but KCD makes it fun. Rest time in game is spent doing things like reading or gambling, so even when you're not cracking heads you still feel like you're improving your character.

The most striking thing about the game is that I averaged 2 kills per hour, but still felt like a conquerer. This game has super realistic fighting, so nearly every instance of combat will be a huge event. As it should be! Making every skirmish feel like a boss fight gives you an incredibly sense of accomplishment, and keeps the game from feeling stale when you get to high levels.

Unfortunately, Kingdom Come is also littered with graphical glitches, weird pathing errors, bad animation, and a loading screen for- I kid you not- every single time you initiate dialogue. There are no mods to fix these things, and they will at some point annoy you. And God help you if you have to take a leak during an important cutscene, because there's no way to pause them.


If you enjoy medieval shennanigans, I urge you to check out 1D4's "Medieval Masters of YouTube" series. Incidentally, one of them has reviewed KCD, which you can check out below!

Jake Draugelis is a writer, actor, funny man, and self proclaimed "cyber-ninja". Check him out on 1D4.

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